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How to clean the hydraulic valve of the hydraulic

Time:2020-04-13 15:15:02 Hits:832 次 Source:LUOYANG HONGXIN HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD.

How to clean the hydraulic valve of the hydraulic station is correct?

1. Disassemble. For the hydraulic valve, although most of its parts are connected by bolts, the hydraulic valve is not disassembled when it is designed. If it is lack of equipment or technology, it is forcibly disassembled. Hydraulic valve. Therefore, before disassembly, the repair personnel should grasp the structure of the hydraulic valve, and should grasp the connection method between the various parts, and should record the azimuth relationship between the different parts during the disassembly.

2. View and clean up. Check the valve body and valve core and other parts to observe the dust deposition status. On the basis of not causing damage to the working surface, use a brush, cotton yarn and non-metallic scraper to clean the concentrated dust.

3. Coarse washing. Place the valve core and valve body on the cleaning tank tray, and heat and soak it. Pass the compressed air at the bottom of the cleaning tank and use the stirring effect generated by the bubbles to clean the remaining dirt. Ultrasound is feasible under conditions that allow Clean.

4. Fine washing. First perform high-pressure positioning cleaning with cleaning fluid, then dry with hot air. Under the condition of the enterprise, the existing fresh agent can be selected, and in some occasions, organic cleaning agents can be used, such as gasoline and diesel.

5. Installation. Install according to the schematic diagram of the hydraulic valve of the hydraulic station or the installation relationship of the parts recorded during disassembly. Care should be taken during the installation process to avoid parts being damaged. For some original sealing materials, they are easily damaged during the actual disassembly process, so they should be replaced during installation.


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