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Planetary reducer solution!

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(1) Gear accuracy: reduce the pitch error, tooth shape error, cogging deviation and tooth error, the noise of planetary gear reducer will naturally become smaller. In addition to improving the internal precision of the gear, grinding the tooth surface can also improve the roughness of the tooth surface. The super-precision integrated planetary gear reducer has a simple structure, reduces the assembly of internal components, and has higher accuracy and better noise control effect.

(2) Gear smoothness: grinding, grinding, honing can achieve the ideal tooth surface roughness, and heating in oil for a period of time can also increase the tooth surface roughness, thereby reducing the noise of the planetary gear reducer. The planetary gear reducer uses imported gears with high precision and good finish, which can effectively reduce the noise of the planetary gear reducer.

(3) Lubrication: high viscosity increasing ability, good shear stability, good low temperature performance and thermal oxidation stability, the greater the viscosity of the gear oil, protect the tooth surface from various damage, mechanical wear and wear The stronger. The smaller the tear viscosity, the better the noise reduction effect of the planetary gear reducer. Planetary gear reducers use imported grease and are strictly controlled from procurement to application to ensure low noise.

(4) Tooth surface contact: Perform tooth surface drum machining or cutting end machining to prevent single piece contact and reduce noise. Proper tooth shaping can also effectively reduce the transmission noise of planetary gears. Eliminate scratches or marks on the tooth surface.

(5) Rotation and reverse clearance: pulsating rotation, smaller reverse clearance is beneficial to reduce the noise of planetary gear reducer. The load is balanced and the backlash is slightly larger, which is beneficial to reduce the noise of the planetary gear reducer.

(6) Occlusal rate: The greater the occlusal rate, the lower the noise. The decrease in pressure angle or the increase in tooth depth will increase the occlusal rate. The increase in the overlap rate also reduces the noise, so the noise of the helical gear is less than that of the spur gear.

(7) Rigidity: High rigidity shape is beneficial to reduce the noise of planetary gear reducer. Strengthen the rigidity of the gear box and shaft.

(8) Material: light low-speed gears, using plastic gears is a good choice, but pay attention to the problem of temperature rise. Compared with steel gears, cast iron gears are more effective in reducing noise.


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