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Reducer wear repair

Time:2020-04-13 15:11:05 Hits:855 次 Source:LUOYANG HONGXIN HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD.

The reducer is the key equipment of the broken mill system, because the mission of the reducer is particularly harsh, it must be continuously operated under shock, vibration, and overload, and the service life is required to be more than 15 years. The use of broken mills put forward a higher request for the design and manufacture.
During the repair process, the whole machine is always at normal temperature, without internal stress, without thermal deformation, cracks, annealing, softening scenes, and without the potential impact of breaks and cracks. Helical gear reducer has high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance. The cycloid reducer is a transmission model that adopts the principle of cycloid pin gear engagement planetary transmission. It is an ideal transmission device. It has many advantages, a wide range of uses, and can operate in both positive and negative directions. High bonding strength, no falling-off scene, no hard spots, high nominal finish, adjustable hardness.

Low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel, medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, high carbon steel and high carbon alloy steel, high strength alloy steel, cast steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy, Repair of zinc and zinc alloy, chromium, nickel, chrome-nickel steel and unknown materials. The large-scale reducer has comprehensive properties such as super strong adhesion, excellent compressive strength and so on. The use of polymer materials for repair can be disassembled and machined without the influence of repair welding thermal stress, and the repair thickness is not limited. At the same time, the metal material of the product does not have the concession, which can absorb the impact shock of the equipment and avoid re-wear. Possibly, and greatly extend the service life of equipment components, save enterprises a lot of downtime, and create huge economic value.

The repair position is correct and mobile, the repair amount can be controlled with precision, and the repair may not be disintegrated on site. After the repair, the tool grinding technique can be used to restore the size correctly. When changing the oil in Tianjin Reducer Factory, you should wait for the reducer to cool down without danger of burning, but you should still keep it warm, because after complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain the oil. The reducer is used to grind cement, coal and other construction, chemical, ceramic and other industrial raw materials. It has a series of advantages such as small size, light weight, small footprint, low power consumption, more than 30% energy saving agreement, and long service life.


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