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Application of elevator equipment to prevent overw

Time:2021-08-20 14:43:52 Hits:1039 次 Source:LUOYANG HONGXIN HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Overweight should be minimized in the application of elevator machinery and equipment. As the machinery and equipment are operated under additional load conditions, it will cause damage to the machinery and equipment parts and jeopardize the operating life of the motor. Everyone must ensure that all the machinery and equipment operate normally. But it is not blind to follow the trend to pursue output power, there is a load loading and unloading situation, then the result is always outweighed. In the previous inspection work for the application of machinery and equipment, not only in order to ensure the safety of the application of the elevator, it can have a practical effect on the heating of the machinery and equipment, so that the hydraulic cylinder, motor, elevator guide rail and circulation can advance into the operation of the gear oil , To alleviate the frictional resistance during the whole operation process and save its application driving force.

To prevent machinery and equipment from standing by at any time, after the end of the elevator application, you must immediately turn off the main switching power supply, some users in order to arrange a reasonable time, think of the next day, the heating is different, immediately start the second work, only Hold down the shutdown button and set aside, it is wrong to do so. The hydraulic lifting platform is due to the shutdown situation, and the electronic control system will continue to run, which is very prone to power circuit problems. If it encounters thunderstorm weather, there will be a large number of unsafe factors, and it will waste the driving force.

Many customers will find that in the application of lifting machinery, the axle wheel has a big contradiction during the application. The longer the application, the more the contradiction between each other will gradually increase, and it will cause a certain level of noise. This is why some elevator cars have noise during the entire application process. Under normal circumstances, the use of unsalted butter as a lifter grease can improve the smoothness of mechanical joints, reduce contradictions, and save driving force. It is the favorite of many mechanical customers.


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