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The company is committed to the production of reducer, hoist, crusher, ball mill and screening equipment, coal washing equipment, metallurgical equipment, cement equipment, etc. And provide a variety of equipment repair services and supply spare parts.

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Coal Mining Equipment

Main machine, sky wheel device, different types of operation table, depth indicator, hydraulic station, lubrication station; electrical drag and control system, information transmission system; upon user request, products of various specifications can also be produced. demand.


The reducer is an independent component composed of a gear drive, a worm drive, and a gear-worm drive enclosed in a rigid housing. It is often used as a deceleration transmission device between the prime mover and the working machine. It plays a role in matching the rotation speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine or actuator, and is widely used in modern machinery.

Cement Equipments

The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing after the material is crushed. This type of grinding machine is loaded with a certain number of steel balls as grinding media in its barrel.

Washing Equipment

Washing equipment includes: ore washing machine, sand washing machine, sand making machine, ore dressing machine, and other sand making equipment, sand washing equipment. The sand washing machine has a washing height, a reasonable structure, and a large output. There is little sand loss during the sand washing process, especially the transmission part is isolated from water and sand, so its failure rate is much lower than that of the common sand washing machine. Industry upgrade options.

Crushing & Screening Equipment

As the main equipment for mining, crusher equipment is mainly used for crushing stones of different sizes. The crusher equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, ring hammer crusher and cone crusher, etc. device.

Metallurgical & Mine Equipment

The iron mixing furnace is an auxiliary equipment for steelmaking between the blast furnace and the converter. It is mainly used to adjust and balance the supply and demand of hot metal between the blast furnace and the converter, to ensure the continuous supply of the hot metal needed by the converter. Mixing molten iron ingredients and uniform temperature, it is very beneficial for converter steelmaking.

Development & Mapping

Luoyang Hongxin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has many Chinese engineers and R & D teams.

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Spare Parts

Hongxin Heavy Machinery provides a variety of casting and forging parts to map custom service.


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