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Flying Shear

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Flying shear

Flying shear

2020-04-13 17:11:08

Product Introduction:

Shearing machine for rolling stock in transverse shearing operation. It is a processing equipment that can quickly cut off iron plates, steel pipes and paper rolls.




Structure: According to the working characteristics of the flying shear, the flying shear should include mechanisms such as shearing, length adjustment, uniform speed, cutting edge clearance adjustment and transmission system. Among them, the cutting mechanism, the cutting length adjustment mechanism (empty cutting mechanism and speed change device), and the uniform speed mechanism are the three main mechanisms that determine the characteristics of the flying shear.

Main parts manufacturing process:

1. The box body is welded with Q235A steel plate. According to the technical requirements of YB / T036.11-92, the box body is welded by continuous welding and puncture welding. The welding seam height is 7-30mm. After the box body is welded, heat treatment is carried out to eliminate the internal stress and then processed. After each box body is assembled, each bearing hole and related holes are bored to ensure concentric parallel 0.02mm

2. The helical gear set is made of 20Gr2Ni4A forging blank. After rough machining, the workpiece is ultrasonically inspected and quenched and tempered. The hardness is HB210-230. After semi-finishing, the tooth surface is carburized and quenched. The carburizing depth is 2-4mm, and the tooth surface hardness is HRC56-62. After fine grinding of the tooth surface, magnetic particle inspection is carried out, and no cracks are allowed.

3. The transmission shaft is made of 42CrMoA forgings and annealed, normalized, tempered and other mating surfaces are ground to ensure coaxiality and roundness. The shafts, gears and bearings are hot-assembled and assembled with the box.

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