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If you want the planetary reducer to not leak oil,

Time:2021-08-20 14:35:58 Hits:794 次 Source:LUOYANG HONGXIN HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Whether it is a planetary gear reducer or any other gear reducer, users will worry about the use of the equipment, especially the phenomenon of oil leakage, etc., otherwise it will have a great impact on the equipment itself. Therefore, faced with the problem of oil leakage, Hu Xing Xiaobian will teach you today how to do the corresponding preventive measures for planetary reducers.

1. Improve the vent cap and inspection hole cover.

2. Smooth flow: To prevent the excess lubricating oil thrown by the gear on the bearing from accumulating at the shaft seal, the excess lubricating oil needs to flow back to the oil sump in a certain direction to achieve smooth flow. The specific method is to open an oil return groove inclined in the machine at the center of the lower shoe of the bearing housing, and at the same time, a gap is also opened at the straight port of the end cover, the gap is facing the oil return groove, so that excess lubricating oil flows through the gap and the oil return groove Return to the oil sump.

3. Improve the shaft seal structure.

4. Adopt new sealing materials.

5. Carry out the maintenance process carefully.

6. Wiping: The static seal point of the reducer is generally leak-proof and leak-proof. However, due to the aging of the seals, poor quality, improper assembly, and high shaft surface roughness, the dynamic seal point still makes individual dynamic seal points still. There is a small leak. Due to the poor working environment, coal dust sticks to the shaft and appears to be almost oily, so it is necessary to wipe the oil on the shaft after the equipment stops running.

Storage method of planetary gear reducer:

1. Do not store in the open air or too humid places;

2. There is always wood, wood or other materials between the planetary reducer and the ground, and the reducer must not be in direct contact with the ground;

3. For reducers that have been stored for more than 60 days, all machined surfaces such as flanges, shafts and couplings need to be coated with anti-rust products;

4. When the servo planetary reducer may be stored for more than 6 months, the following special inspections are required;

5. Grease all processed parts to prevent rust;

6. When preventing the reducer, the vent plug should be at the top and filled with lubricating oil (not suitable for long-term lubrication of the reducer). Before the reducer is put into operation, refill the appropriate amount of lubricating oil.

Therefore, if you want to avoid oil leakage from the planetary reducer, the above six points must be strictly implemented, so that the possibility of oil leakage from the reducer can be reduced, and the storage method of the reducer must also be remembered. Only in this way can we ensure that the reducer has fewer failures and reduce costs.


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