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Cement Ball Mill

The company is committed to the production of reducers, hoists, crushers, ball mills, and equipment for screening, coal washing,
metallurgy, and cement, and provides various equipment repair services and supplies spare parts.

Damp Mill

Damp Mill

2020-04-13 17:31:09

Product Introduction:

Rod mills have certain selective beneficiation conditions, and generally operate under conditions with good particle size distribution and little ore crushing, such as artificial sand making systems for water conservancy projects, coal water slurry equipment for chemical industry, etc.

Application Range:

Widely used in ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metal mines, building materials, water conservancy projects and other industries. Operate various minerals and rocks. The overflow ball mill is suitable for the second stage grinding and the secondary grinding of intermediate products; the first stage of grinding generally adopts the grate ball mill.




Product Introduction:

Specification: Φ3.2x5.3 ~ Φ3.5x6.2m 

Effective Volume: 38~41.3 m³

Various specifications according to a variety of configuration

Application Range:

Extensively applied to the industries of ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metal mine, building materials and water conservancy project. Operate on various minerals and rocks. Overflow ball grinding mills are suitable for the second stage of two-stage ore grinding and regrinding of intermediate product; grate ball mills are usually adopted for the first stage of ore grinding.

Rod mills are qualified for certain selective triturating, which always operate under the condition of well-distributed granularity and less over crushed ore grains, for an instance, manual sand making system of the water conservancy engineering and the coal-water-slurry equipments of the chemical industry.




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